Austro-Hungarian Colonel Generals 1915-1918

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The following article provides biographical details for all those officers who ultimately were promoted to the rank of Generaloberst, some 25 officers in all. A further 8 officers held this rank and were subsequently promoted to Feldmarschall. The rank of Colonel-General does not have a direct English equivalent but could be translated as a senior General. The rank was introduced in May 1915 and the first promotions were of Generals Archduke Eugen and Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf.


Name Patent 
Erzherzog Josef Ferdinand k.u.k. Hoheit 26 February 1916
Erzherzog Leopold Salvator k.u.k. Hoheit 20 May 1916
Friedrich Graf von Beck-Rzikowsky 26 February 1916
Eduard Graf Paar 27 February 1916
Arthur Freiherr von Bolfras 28 February 1916
Friedrich Freiherr von Georgi 06 May 1916
Karl Freiherr von Pflanzer-Baltin 08 May 1916
Viktor Graf Dankl 09 May 1916
Karl Tersztyánszky von Nádas 11 May 1916
Paul Freiherr Puhallo von Brlog 13 May 1916
Karl Graf von Kirchbach auf Lauterbach 10 November 1916
Adolf Freiherr Rhemen zu Barenfels 13 May 1917
Karl Graf Huyn 14 May 1917
Hermann Kusmanek von Burgneustädten 15 May 1917
Karl Kritek 16 May 1917
Wenzel Freiherr von Wurm 10 August 1917
Samuel Freiherr von Hazai 11 August 1917
Leopold Freiherr von Hauer

12 August 1917

Viktor Graf von Scheuchenstuel 16 November 1917
Stephan Freiherr Sarkotic von Lovcen 17 November 1917
Josef Ritter Roth von Limanowa-Lapanów 25 February 1918
Arthur Freiherr Arz von Straussenburg 26 February 1918
Hugo Martiny von Malastów 10 May 1918
Rudolf Freiherr Stöger-Steiner von Steinstätten 11 May 1918
Alois Fürst Schönburg-Hartenstein 11 November 1918

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