Austro-Hungarian Army - Troops and Unit Histories

Corps Commanders and Staff Chiefs 1849-1878


Higher Commands and Commanders 1914-1918
Corps Commanders and Staff Chiefs 1883-1918
Infantry Division Commanders 1914-1918
Cavalry Division Commanders 1914-1918
School Commanders 1848-1918
K.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe 1914-1918
Infantry Development
A-H Field Artillery Organization 1917/18 
10th March Battalion of IR. 14 in the Summer of 1915
Assault Formations during World War I
K.u.k. Land Forces Crete 1897/1898
Prisoner of War Camps


Bundesheer Generals & Colonels 1938
Bundesheer Order of Battle 1937
Bundesheer Division and Brigade Commanders 1920-1938
Bundesheer Regimental Commanders 1920-1938

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