Hungarian Landwehr (Honvéd) Higher Formations August 1914

Baron Hazai pictured as a General der Infanterie in "Hungarian" service dress.Originally formed in 1868 following the Ausgleich or compromise between Austria and Hungary, the Royal Hungarian Landwehr (Honvéd) developed into a sizeable military force which by the outbreak of the First World War had it's own divisional organization including integral artillery. Just prior to mobilization in August 1914 the Hungarian Landwehr (Honvéd) was organized territorially into six Landwehr Districts with an additional two Infantry Troop Divisions*, two Cavalry Divisions and 12 independent Infantry Brigades. The Brigades were formed into a further six Divisions on mobilization. The whole organization was under the control of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence whose Minister was Feldmarschalleutnant Samuel Freiherr von Hazai. The professional military head of the Honvéd was the Landwehr Commander General der Kavallerie Franz Rohr with his Headquarters or k.u. Landwehroberkommando in Budapest. Each of the six Landwehr Districts was headed by a General Officer assisted in most cases by another General as a Deputy and a Field Officer as Chief of Staff. Originally numbering seven, the districts were reorganized in 1912 to mirror the six Common Army Corps Districts in Hungary. In Hungarian parlance the Landwehr district command was known as a "honvéd kerületi parancsnokság". It should be noted that General Officers within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy were liable to serve in any of the three separate armed forces and therefore it would not be true to state that an individual was a Landwehr or an Honvéd General. Upon being  promoted to Generalmajor, a former Oberst or ezredes (Colonel) from the Common Army or the Austrian or Hungarian Landwehr would be placed on the Common Army seniority list regardless of his prior service. The six District Commanders became the Divisional Commanders of the newly formed Divisions (Landwehr-Infanterietruppendivision) at mobilization: 









M.kir. I. budapesti honvéd kerületi parancsnokság FML. Josef Braun  (40. LITD.)
II.Landwehrdistrikt Szeged M.kir. II. szegedi honvéd kerületi parancsnokság FML. Heinrich Daempf (23.LITD.)
III.Landwehrdistrikt Kassa M.kir. III. kassai honvéd kerületi parancsnokság FML. Emmerich Hadfy (39.LITD.)
IV.Landwehrdistrikt Pozsony M.kir. IV. pozsonyi honvéd kerületi parancsnokság FML. Adrian Wieber (37.LITD.)
V.Landwehrdistrikt Kolozsvár M.kir. V. kolozsvári honvéd kerületi parancsnokság FML. Johann Frieherr Karg von Bebenburg (38.LITD)
VI.Landwehrdistrikt Zagreb M.kir. VI. zágrábi horvát-szlavon kerületi parancsnokság FML. Stephan von Sarkotić (42.LITD.)

Divisions and Brigades. Honvéd Infantry Divisions formed at mobilization in parentheses.

20. LITD Nagy-Várad FML. Friedrich von Csanády -
39. LwIBrig. Nagy-Várad GM. Koloman Patzák LIR.3, LIR.4
40. LwIBrig. Szatmár-Németi Oberst Béla Tanárky LIR.12, LIR.32
41. LITD Budapest FML. Johann Nikić -
81. LwIBrig. Budapest GM. Eugen Perneczky LIR.1, LIR.17
82. LwIBrig. Veszprém GM. Rudolf Schamschula LIR.20, LIR.31
- - - -
45. LwIBrig. (23) Szeged GM. Rudolf Seide LIR.2, LIR.5 (II. Landwehrdistrikt)
46. LwIBrig. (23) Lugos GM. Lehel Festl LIR.7, LIR.8 (II. Landwehrdistrikt)
73. LwIBrig. (37) Pozsony Oberst Paul von Nagy LIR.13, LIR.18 (IV. Landwehrdistrikt)
74. LwIBrig. (37) Nyitra GM. Franz Cvrček LIR.14, LIR.15 (IV. Landwehrdistrikt)
75. LwIBrig. (38) Kolosvár GM. Karl Lippner v. Nagyszentmiklós LIR.21, LIR.22 (V. Landwehrdistrikt)
76. LwIBrig. (38) Nagyszeben Oberst Adalbert Benke von Tardoskedd LIR.23, LIR.24 (V. Landwehrdistrikt)
77. LwIBrig. (39) Kassa Oberst Desiderius Molnár von Péterfalva LIR.9, LIR.11 (III. Landwehrdistrikt)
78. LwIBrig. (39) Miskolcz GM. Josef Foglár LIR.10, LIR.16 (III. Landwehrdistrikt)
79. LwIBrig. (40) Budapest GM. Koloman Tabajdi LIR.29, LIR.30 (I. Landwehrdistrikt)
80. LwIBrig. (40) Pécs Oberst Johann Háber LIR.6, LIR.19 (I. Landwehrdistrikt)
83. LwIBrig. (42) Zagreb GM. Nikolaus Ištvanović v. Ivanska LIR.25, LIR.26 (VI. Landwehrdistrikt)
84. LwIBrig. (42) Osijek Oberst Daniel Kolak LIR.27, LIR.28 (VI. Landwehrdistrikt)
- - - -
5. LKTD. Budapest FML. Ernst von Frohreich -
19. LKBrig. Budapest GM. Ferdinand Graf v. Bissingen und Nippenburg LHR.1, 4, 8
23. LKBrig. Zalaegerszeg Oberst Baron Colbert Zech LHR.6, 7, 10
11.LKTD. Debreczen GM. Julius Freiherr Nagy von Tőbőr-Éthe  
22. LKBrig. Szeged Oberst Karl Czitó LHR.2,3
24. LKBrig. Kassa Oberst Ladislaus Jóny von Jamnik LHR.5,9

* Magyar Királyi honvéd gyaloghadosztályok

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