Order of Battle 1863/64

When in 1863 the Danish parliament passed the November Constitution which would lead to the integration of the Duchy of Schleswig into a unified Denmark and which additionally violated the London Protocol of 1851, the German majority of the southern and central regions of the Duchy immediately rose in revolt. On the 7th of December 1863 the German Federation declared the Danish constitution in violation of the London Protocol and authorised the deployment of a Federal intervention Corps (Bundes-Executionstruppen) for service in the Duchy consisting of Prussian, Austrian, Saxon and Hanoverian contingents. Initially only Saxon and Hanoverian troops entered Schleswig facing little or no resistance but following Denmark's rejection of Austrian and Prussian demands on the 16th of January 1864 that the Constitution be withdrawn within 48 hours and that Danish troops withdraw from Holstein, they invaded across the River Eider on the 1st of February 1864 without the approval of the German Federation. The combined Austro-Prussian allied army which invaded on the 1st of February was then commanded by the Prussian Generalfeldmarschall Friedrich Freiherr von Wrangel who was later replaced by General der Kavallerie Prinz Friedrich Karl von Preußen. The original non Austrian and Prussian contingents of the Bundes-Executionstruppen remained on the sidelines seeing no action. The Order of Battle reproduced below is taken from the Austrian General Staff history and shows the composition of the original Bundes-Executioncorps at the outset of the intervention in December 1863 under the command of the Saxon General-Lieutenant Heinrich von Hake. First names where used have been taken from the various published army lists of the day and other sources as these were not generally not included with the exception of members of royal houses in the published order of battle. Certain minor units and installations have not been included such as field cash offices, provisions offices and field post offices etc.


FML Gablenz Graf Gondrecourt
Prinz Friedrich Carl Vogel von Falkenstein - Wrangel's Chief of Staff


Royal Saxon Contingent

Commanding General General-Lieutenant Heinrich von Hake
Chief of Staff Oberst Georg von Fabrice
Brigade Commander General-Major Bernhard von Schimpf
Infantry Commander Oberst Emil von Boxberg
1. & 2. Jäger-Bataillon
1., 2., 3. & 13. Infanterie-Bataillon
Cavalry Commander Oberst Ottomar von Paszkowski
1. Regiment (1., 2., 4. & 5. Escadron)
3. Regiment (2. & 5. Escadron)
Artillery 1 6 pfd. gezogene (rifled) Fussbatterie
1 12 pfd. reitende (horse artillery) Granat-Kanonen-Batterie 
Total Saxon Contingent: 6 battalions, 6 squadrons, 16 guns, 6428 personnel

Royal Hanoverian Contingent

Commanding General General-Lieutenant Theodor von Gebser
Infantry Commander Generalmajor August von dem Knesebeck
Garde-Jäger-Bataillon & 3. Jäger-Bataillon
2. Bataillon 1., 3., 5. & 7. Regiment
Cavalry ½ Regiment Cambridge-Dragoner
½ Regiment Kronprinz-Dragoner
Artillery 1 12 pfd. Fussbatterie
1 12 pfd. reitende Batterie
Total Hanoverian Contingent: 6 battalions, 6 squadrons, 16 guns, 6748 personnel

Imperial Royal Austrian VI Army Corps

Commandant Feldmarschall-Lieutenant Ludwig Freiherr von Gablenz
Personal Adjutant Oberlieutenant Meier
Deputy Commanding General Feldmarschall-Lieutenant Graf Neipperg
Chief of Staff Oberstlieutenant Baron Vlasits
Assistant Chief of Staff Major Edler von Poppenheim
General-Quartermaster Staff Officers: Major Baron Dumoulin
Hauptmann Ritter von Gründorf
Hauptmann Dimmer
Hauptmann Edler von Döpfner
Hauptmann Oschsenheimer
Oberlieutenant Seracsin
Oberlieutenant von Ehrlinger
Chief of Artillery  OberstlieutenantWeisser
Chief of Engineers Major Baron Salis-Soglio
Provost Marshal Rittmeister Ellerich
Train Commandant Major Arthofer
Corps Provisions Officer Hauptmann Purkher
Headquarters Commandant Hauptmann Eiselt
Transport Commandant Hauptmann Klugner
Staff Quartermaster Lieutenant 1. Classe Keraus
Staff Sergeant Major Stabs-Wachtmeister Skoczek
War Commissioners (Military officials): Ober-Kriegs-Commissär 2. Classe Schödl
Kriegs-Commissär Schmiedl
Kriegs-Commissariats-Adjunct Schuhmann
Kriegs-Commissariats-Adjunct Rotter
Judge Advocate Rittmeister-Auditor Walcher
Medical Officers: Stabs-Arzt Ebner 
Unter-Arzt Smuchal
Pharmacist Official Feimer
Paymasters Official Brosch
- Official Zahradnik
1. Infanterie-Brigade
Brigade Commander General-Major Graf Gondrecourt
General Staff Officer Hauptmann Baron Sternegg
18. Feld-Jäger-Bataillon Oberstlieutenant von Tobias
Infanterieregiment Baron Martini Nr. 30 Oberst Baron Abele
Infanterieregiment König von Preussen Nr. 34 Oberst Benedek
4 pfd. Fussbatterie Nr. 2/I
2. Infanterie-Brigade
Brigade Commander General-Major Dormus
General Staff Officer Hauptmann Baron Handel
22. Feld-Jäger-Bataillon Oberstlieutenant Ritter von Siller
Infanterieregiment FZM. Graf Khevenhüller Nr. 35 Oberst Kamptner
Infanterieregiment FML. Baron Ramming Nr. 72 Oberst Ritter von Abele
4 pfd. Fussbatterie 3/I
3. Infanterie-Brigade
Brigade Commander General-Major Nostitz
General Staff Officer Hauptmann Ambrozy
9. Feld-Jäger-Bataillon Oberstlieutenant Schidlach
Infanterieregiment Grossherzog von Hessen Nr. 14 Oberst Baron Schütte
Infanterieregiment König der Belgier Nr. 27 Oberst Herzog von Württemberg
4 pfd. Fussbatterie 4/I
4. Infanterie-Brigade
Brigade Commander General-Major Tomas
General Staff Officer Hauptmann Wenzl
11. Feld-Jäger-Bataillon Oberst von Schwab
Infanterieregiment FZM. Graf Coronini Nr. 6 Oberst von Feldegg
Infanterieregiment FML. Prinz zu Holstein  Nr. 80 Oberst Graf Auersperg
4 pfd. Fussbatterie 5/I
Brigade Commander General-Major Baron Dobrzensky
General Staff Officer Hauptmann Graf Uexküll
Dragoner-Regiment FM. Fürst Windischgrätz Nr. 2 Oberst Graf Bellegarde
Huszer-Regiment G.d.C. Fürst Liechtenstein Nr. 9 Oberst Wilhelm Baron Baselli von Süssenberg
Technical Troops
4. Comp. 1. Pionnier-Bataillon
3. Comp. 1. Pionnier-Bataillon
11. Genie-Comp
Corps Artillery Reserve
Commander Major Ritter von Neubauer
2 X 8 pfd. Batt. Nr. 9 & 10. (1. Artillerie-Regiment)
1. Sanitäts-Comp. (Medical Company
Total Austrian VI Corps: 20 battalions, 10 squadrons, 48 guns 25075 personnel

Royal Prussian Contingent - 1st Combined Army Corps

Commanding General General der Cavallerie Prinz Friedrich Carl von Preussen
Chief of Staff Oberst von Blumenthal
Artillery Commander Oberst Colomier
First Engineer Officer Oberst von Kriegsheim
1st General Staff Officer Major Georg Graf von Waldersee
2nd General Staff Officer Major von  Rors
1st Adjutant Major von Tilly
2nd Adjutant Major von Bonin
3rd Adjutant Premier-Lieutenant Graf von Haeseler
4th Adjutant Seconde-Lieutenant von Brösigke
1st Artillery Commander's Adjutant Premier-Lieutenant Spangenberg
2nd Artillery Commander's Adjutant Seconde-Lieutenant Krüger
Engineer Officers: Hauptmann Treumann
Premier-Lieutenant Mantey (Adjutant to First Engineer Officer)
Staff Guard Commander Seconde-Lieutenant von Mutius
6. Infanterie-Division
Commander General-Lieutenant von Manstein
General Staff Officer Hauptmann von Unger
Adjutants: Premier-Lieutenant von Geissler
Premier-Lieutenant von Plötz
11. Infanterie-Brigade
Commander General-Major Freiherr von Canstein
Brandenburg. Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 35 Oberst von Elstermann
7. Brandenburg. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 60 Oberst von Hartmann
12. Infanterie-Brigade
Commander General-Major von Röder
4. Brandenburg. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 24 Oberst Graf von Hacke
8. Brandenburg. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 64 Oberst von Kamiensky
2. Brandenburg. Uhlanen-Regiment Nr. 11 Oberst-Lieutenant von Siythin
3. Fussabteilung der Brandenburg. Artillerie-Brigade Nr. 3 Oberst-Lieutenant Bergmann
Brandenburg. Pionnier-Bataillon Nr. 3 Major Rötscher
13. Infanterie-Division
Commander General-Lieutenant von Wintzingerode
General Staff Officer Hauptmann Freiherr von Dörnberg
Adjutants: Rittmeister von Kleist
Premier-Lieutenant Freiherr von Ledebur
25. Infanterie-Brigade
Commander General-Major von Schmidt
1. Westph. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 13 Oberst von Witzleben
5. Westph. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 53 Oberst Baron Buddenbrock
26. Infanterie-Brigade
Commander General-Major von Göben
2. Westph. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 15 Oberst von Alvensleben
6. Westph. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 55 Oberst-Lieutenant Stoltz
Westphäl. Jäger-Bataillon Major von Beckedorf
Westphäl. Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 7 Oberst-Lieutenant von Ribbeck
1. Fussabteilung der Westph. Artillerie-Brigade Nr. 7 Major Grape
Westph. Pionnier-Bataillon Nr. 7 Major Graf Beissel-Gymnich
Combinirte Cavallerie-Division
Commander General-Major Graf zu Münster-Meinhövel
General Staff Officer Major von Stedingk
Adjutants: Seconde-Lieutenant von Noville
Seconde-Lieutenant von Grimm
6. Cavallerie-Brigade
Commander Oberst Flies
Brandenburg. Cürassier-Regiment Nr. 6 Oberst Herzog Wilhelm zu Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Brandenburg. Huszaren-Regiment Nr. 3 Oberst Graf von der Gröben
13. Cavallerie-Brigade
Commander Generalmajor von Hobe
Westph. Cürassier-Regiment Nr. 4 Oberst-Lieutenant von Schmidt
Westph. Huszaren-Regiment Nr. 8 Oberst-Lieutenant von Rantzau
1. & 2. reitende Batterie der Westph. Artillerie-Brigade Nr. 7
Reserve Artillery
Commander Oberstlieutenant von Sänger
2. Fussabteilung der Brandenburg. Artillerie-Brigade Nr. 3 Major von Held
4 reitenden Batterien der Westph. Artillerie-Brigade Nr. 7 Oberstlieutenant von Sänger
Munitions and Bridging Column Major Dietrich
Train-Bataillon der 3. Armee-Corps Major von Mechov
Combined Guards Division (Combinirte Garde-Division)
Commander General-Lieutenant von der Mülbe
General Staff Officer Major von Alvensleben
Adjutants: Hauptmann von Notz
Premier-Lieutenant von Henniger
Combinirte Garde-Infanterie-Brigade
Commander General-Major von der Goltz
3. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß Oberst von der Gröben
4. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß Oberst von Korth
Combinirte Garde-Infanterie-Brigade
Commander Oberst von Bentheim
3. Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Königin Elisabeth Oberst von Winterfeld
4. Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Königin Augusta Oberst von Opell
Garde-Husaren-Regiment Oberstlieutnant von Kressenbroigk
1 4 pfd. Fussbatterie} Hauptmann von Ribbentrop
1 6 pfd. Fussbatterie}
Total Prussian Contingent: 37 battalions, 29 squadrons, 110 guns 45136 personnel

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