Graf Huyn's Troop Brigade May 1859

Following the outbreak of hostilities against Piedmont and France in early 1859 the forces immediately available for the defence of the South Tyrol were the troops of the Troop Bride (Truppen-Brigade)of General-Major Johann Graf Huyn. As at the 13th of May 1859 the situation was as follows:





Guns Location Notes
1. Kaiserjäger-Bataillon   ½   Rocco d'Anfo Security positions in the two valleys of the Guidicarie and the Sarca Valley. Observation of the tracks leading from the Val Camonica, Val Daone and Val di Genova.
  ½   Storo
Staff 1   Riva
  1   Chiusa Veneta
  1   As reserve in the Sarca Valley with posts in Pieve di buono and Tione
7. Kaiserjäger-Bataillon   ½   Nauders as garrison of the blocking post Security positions on the upper Etsch Valley and Vintschgau.
  ½   Taufers in the Münster Valley
  1   On the Stilfser-Joch in S. Maria and Trafoi
Staff 2   As reserve in Glurns and Brad
      ½ at Tonale, 1 Fosine and Ossana: ½  posts at Cogolo
  2   Pellizzano
4. Bataillon Grossfürst Constantin Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 18 6     Trient  
4. Bataillon Mamula Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 25 Staff 4   Trient - 1 company in Castell The 19th Company arrived later.
  ½   Reveredo as support for Riva; ½ company in Castell
  ½   Ala
4. Bataillon Rossbach Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 40   1   Franzensfeste  
Staff 3   Bozen as main reserve for the upper Vintschgau Valley and observation on the Non Valley  
  2   Malé as reserve for the two Jäger companies on the Tonale Pass and for observation of the Rabbi Valley  
Raketen-Batterie Nr. 15     8 In Bozen and Trient Rocket Battery. Arrived on the 18th of May
12-pfdge Gebirgs-Haubitz-Batterie         12 Pounder Mountain Howitzer Battery. Had not yet joined the brigade
Total 5   8    

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