Major Ernst Freiherr von Handel-Mazzetti

Pictured above is then Major Ernst Freiherr von Handel-Mazzetti of the 1st Regiment of Tyrolean Kaiserjäger. Born in Pola on the 10th of June 1870 he died in Salzburg on 7th October 1955. The Baron wears on his field grey kappe a Tyrolean Jäger horn beneath the bullion Imperial Cyper. On the left side of the cap can be seen the grey patch bearing the letters TJ1 which were introduced in 1917 and other unofficial unit badges. Pictured before his August 1917 promotion to Oberstleutnant, seven medals and awards can be seen on his left breast including the Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration, a silver Signum Laudis and the peacetime award of a bronze Signum Laudis. Baron Handel-Mazetti assumed command of FJB. Nr.21 later in the war. 

Photograph © Jörg C. Steiner 2001

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