Anton Lipošćak

Anton Lipošćak was born as the son of a Major in Székely-Udvarhely (Hungary) on the 9th of April 1863. He commenced his education at the Militär-Oberrealschule at Mährisch-Weißkirchen and in 1880 entered the Theresian Militär Akademie at Wiener Neustadt which he left in 1883 on being commissioned as a Leutnant in infantry regiment number 53. He was in the same age-class as the famous WW1 generals Klaudius Czibulka, Alfred Krauss and Kasimir Freiherr von Lütgendorf! After his promotion to Oberleutnant and the completion of the Kriegsschule course he was attached to the headquarters of the 58th Infantry Brigade and in May 1892 he became an Hauptmann 1.Klasse des Generalstabes (captain 1st class of the General staff). After various duty assignments he was, meanwhile promoted to Oberst (Colonel), became the Chief of the General staff of the 15th Corps command between June 1905 and October 1909 and following this the general staff officer of the Generalinspektor of the troops in Sarajevo. In March 1909 he was awarded the knights' cross of the order of Leopold, a very high and unusual decoration for an Oberst! At this duty position in Sarajevo he received his promotion to Generalmajor in 1910.

As a Generalmajor he was the commander of the 72nd Infantry-Brigade from January 1911 until May 1913. Lipošćak's health then compelled him to leave his post and take some months rest before he returned to duty as the commander of the 2nd  Infantry Division at the end of October 1913. In May 1914 he was promoted to Feldmarschall-Leutnant and received the Orden der Eisernen Krone 2.Klasse mit Kriegsdekoration (neck badge of the order of the iron crown with war decoration) in October 1914 and the Iron Cross 2nd Class from the German Allies. He lead this Division until January 1915 when his poor health forced him again to leave his command. 

He returned to duty in March 1917 as the commander of the 42nd Honvéd-Infantry Division and in July 1917 on the formation of army group Lipošćak, he was promoted to General der Infanterie on the 19th of August 1917. His command retained the name - "Gruppe Lipošćak" until October 1917 when it was reformed into the 9th Korps. GdI Lipošćak led this Korps until the end of February 1918 when he became the Militär-General-Gouverneur of Poland. He stayed at this post, receiving the 1.class of the Orden der Eisernen Krone mit Kriegsdekoration until the end of the war. After the war he settled down in Vienna and died there on the 24th of July 1924 at the age of only 61.

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