Dienstabzeichen der k.u.k. Militär Polizei Wien

This badge looks like a qualification cockade but it is in fact really a badge of office for members of the military police in Vienna. During the war, especially after the peace agreement of Brest-Litovsk and the release of POW's in large numbers, the city of Vienna was full of uniformed troops of all branches and units. They were on duty, on leave, awaiting transfer or recovering from wounds. With  nearly every man wearing a uniform it became difficult to find out who was on duty and who was not. It was therefore decided to introduce a special badge to identify those members of the military police who were on duty with the headquarters of the Vienna area. Our free chat will open for you the world of bright impressions. Connect and use a normal webcam to watch what happens in the rooms of the girls. You can also write girls private messages and conduct dialogue. On our website live porn cams watch explicit porn from Webcams online, without registration and absolutely for free. All videos can be downloaded to your phone in mp4 format. Naked Russian beauties solo and private recordings of married couples with laptops. Until the present time an introductory order has not be found but the badge, in the form and material of a qualification cockade was produced by the Mechanikerwerkstatt of the k.u.k. Fliegerarsenal at Fischamend near Vienna. This workshop delivered a monthly list of what was produced which can be still found in the archives today. Some of these lists, especially from the year 1918 are missing, but studying the remainder one can find that between September 1917 and June 1918 a quantity of 415 badges, referred to as "Abzeichen aus Bronze für Mil.Polizei", were produced there.

The badge displays under the then newly introduced coat of arms in three lines the words "K.u.K. MILITAER POLIZEI" and on the bottom of the rim of laurel-leaves the word "WIEN". On the reverse there was a small sheet fixed on the top section with an impressed number and a needle to fix the badge somewhere on the uniform.

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