Scharfschützen- und Oberscharfschützenauszeichnung der Landesschützen

Similar to all other troops a marksmanship decoration called a Scharfschützenauszeichnung was introduced for members of the Landesschützen regiments of the k.k. Landwehr in 1878. The qualification requirements were the same as for the infantry but the lanyard had a different design. The lanyard itself was constructed of grass green wool while the whistle, the acorns and ball below the loop were made of gold plated metal. The 5 mm lanyard which passes through the metal ball was 56 cm long and formed a 12 cm long loop over a 13 mm sliding knot to be fixed on the button of the left shoulder strap. Above this sliding knot there was a golden plated metal ball. 3 cm below this knot the lanyard was twisted 15 times to a distance of 16,5 cm. The lower 6,5 cm long loop was formed by a 2 mm thick round lanyard bearing a small gold plated whistle. The two hanging ends of the lanyard were knotted about 4 cm below the sliding knot into a 3 cm wide artistic knot which bore a 2,5 cm long hook on the rear side to further secure the lanyard to the uniform. The two loose ends, 11 cm and 14 cm long, each bore a metal acorn.

On the 28th of June 1906 this lanyard was renamed as the Oberscharfschützenauszeichnung and the qualifications to attain it were now the same as for the higher grade of the marksmanship lanyard of the infantry. To display this difference the entire lanyard was made of golden colored metal filament. Similar to all qualification badges further awards of this lanyard ceased when the war started in 1914.

In the photograph to the right the seated Landesschützen/Kaiserschützen Oberjäger wears the Oberscharfschützenauszeichnung. Of note are the "Spielhahnstoß" feather attached to his field cap and the non commissioned officers' bayonet knot.



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